What is coaching?

Coaching is a journey of self-discovery that will transform the way you live your life.

As your coach, I will guide you through a thought-provoking and creative process to help you define what you want to achieve. By listening to you and asking you objective questions, I will help bring to the surface your true self, to allow you to create a vision of the life you want to live.

With the belief that you are the expert in your life, capable and resourceful, I will draw out your personal strengths and resources.

I will encourage you to take actions that move you closer to where you want your life to be. Each time you succeed, you’ll strengthen your positive mindset and feel confidence and power like you’ve never felt before. And the deep satisfaction that it was all down to you.


Why is coaching so powerful?

Coaching is motivational because it focuses on the areas and issues that are most important to you. I facilitate a learning journey, helping you to move forward in a way that is aligned with your values and who you want to be.

By asking questions that move you towards what you want to achieve, reframing negative thoughts and challenging assumptions, the coaching journey is a positive process, moving you purposefully towards the life you really want.

The true power behind asking open and objective questions is that I am non-judgemental. This creates a safe and supportive environment that promotes honesty, mutual trust and respect - the key to a successful coaching partnership. 

I will help you see life from different perspectives, freeing you from your current way of thinking to help you find ways to overcome obstacles and discover new possibilities.

By keeping to your agenda and not offering advice or attempting to lead you, I will empower you to take control of your life. With empowerment comes greater self-esteem and self-motivation for you to gain the momentum to move forward independently. Coaching will change the way you approach your life.  


Coaching isn't...


A therapist will help a client to explore their past to uncover deep-rooted issues that the client is currently experiencing.


A counsellor will listen to the current concerns of the client and discuss the impact of their behaviour to find coping mechanisms.


A mentor is often chosen for an area of expertise and is likely to share their own experience, offering knowledge, advice and tips to the client.


How do I know if coaching is right for me?

Do you feel that you’re not in control of your life or career?

Is there a gap between where you are now and where you want to be in your life?

Do you feel stuck in a rut but find it hard to make decisions?

Is there something missing that’s stopping you from being satisfied with your life?

Are you holding back from change because it feels frightening?

Do you want to understand yourself better?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then coaching can most definitely help you.


Do any of these sound like you?

I want to prepare for a change e.g. new job, promotion, becoming a parent, university, starting a new business or writing a book.

I want to be a stronger manager/leader.  

I want to find my purpose and passion in life.

I want to improve my relationships.

I have lots of ideas and need help to get them off the ground.

I want to be more compassionate and less critical of others and myself.

I want to improve my confidence, mindset and self-belief.

I want to improve my health, fitness and/or wellbeing.  

These are just some of the reasons people choose to be coached, but we are all unique and you will have your own motivation for coming to coaching.

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