Client testimonials

Paulina, 15/05/24

'My employer introduced me to Lena as a coach available to the whole team, which gave me a golden opportunity to tackle my hurdles head on.

Indeed, before Lena became part of my career path, I often doubted myself and was susceptible to anxiety outside of work. Working with Lena has been a real haven of peace. Her coaching environment strikes the perfect balance between security and challenge, allowing me to face my challenges with confidence.

Her attentive listening and insightful feedback makes each session a catalyst for growth and empowerment.'


M Collins, 01/05/24

'I had the privilege to attend Lena's workshop 'The Professional Edge: Advancing Your Career and Balancing Your Life' which was held over 2 days in the lovely setting of Woodland Grange. I approached the first day with some trepidation, as what was going to be on offer was out of the my comfort zone - but that was why I was there, and I couldn't have been better supported whilst I navigated the unfamiliar stretch zone.

Lena was warm, inspiring and has the most excellent listening skills. The sessions were packed full of resources, personal experiences and exercises to facilitate the investigation of both our current states and envision new & improved ones, and as a group we transformed together. Highly recommend future workshops and Lena as a practitioner to anyone who wishes to embark on a journey of self-discovery and change.'


J Monaghan, 29/04/24

'Prior to working with Lena I found that I was doubting myself in certain work situations.  My employer offered all employees the opportunity to work with a coach (Lena), and I saw this as a great chance to work on the areas that I was struggling with.

Working with Lena has been a fantastic experience, and my confidence has grown dramatically.  Lena has provided a safe, yet challenging coaching environment, and I have been able to focus on the areas I want to improve. 

Our meetings have provided me with clear direction within the areas I wished to develop, and they have also equipped me with techniques and skills to manage and work with the required actions and changes I needed to make.

Lena is a great coach and a great listener, and I always look forward to our sessions together.  Lena has provided me with tools that will help me both professionally and personally.'


M Moss-Black, 26/04/24

'I was looking for a reset, something to challenge my thinking and approach to both work and my home life. I'm not in a position to climb the career ladder at the moment but wanted to better use my skills and experience to feel more fulfilled in my role.

Lena's course absolutely helped and has given me a number of tools that I now practice that allow me to better reflect, plan and create positive change which in turn I know is being felt across my organisation.

Lena is a skilled facilitator, highly knowledgeable and personable, creating a safe and welcoming environment.'


K Watkins, 19/09/23
'The menopause hit me like a brick, and I was left feeling incredibly overwhelmed and anxious and questioning my abilities in my work life.

Lena helped me to put things into perspective and think through everything objectively, providing tools and methods to help. She was a calming influence, allowing me to slow things down and work through my thoughts at a useful pace. She always relayed everything we talked about back to me which gave clarity during the sessions.

Lena always came across as, and is, incredibly caring and supportive which is exactly what I needed at the beginning of the process.'


K O’Driscoll, 12/07/23

‘Having had my review session with Lena recently, I can look back at what I have achieved over the course of our sessions and feel proud with the progress I have made. I am very grateful to Lena for guiding me to achieve positive changes in my own life.

Working with a coach was something entirely new to me and I felt somewhat sceptical before our initial session. Lena instantly made me feel at ease and created a welcoming environment for me to focus on myself and what I wanted to work on. I was going through a difficult period at the time, in terms of my career and issues with self-esteem. Lena helped me to develop strategies and ‘anchors’ to combat these negative feelings and to feel more confident and content in my own skin.

I really enjoyed the range of exercises that Lena guided me through. She was excellent at knowing what I needed at that particular moment to get me to the next step of my journey, whether it was the ‘wheel of life’, ‘museum of old beliefs’ or various anchoring activities.

Moving forward, I now know how to utilise these techniques that I have learned when I feel that I need them and have begun to use them in day-to-day life more frequently. I definitely feel more confident, content and proactive as a result of my sessions with Lena.’


C Daniel, Managing Director, Amplivox Ltd  07/12/22

‘I have had the pleasure of working with Lena alongside our business with regards to full team training, smaller dedicated team development as well as personal coaching. Lena is a very kind, considerate and action / goal focused coach who has been accepted by all team members through her focus on listening to understand and support each colleague in each environment as required.

Lena supports my personal growth and development as well as being a key part of our continued business development.’


P Nelson 13/10/22

'Like many others, I had a tough time over the pandemic personally and in my work life. It had taken a while to get another job following redundancy and I realised early on that the new role was not what I wanted to do. I needed to be able to step outside of the everyday and work out what was next, but I had lost all confidence to be able to do that and although I didn't want to stay in the job I was very anxious about the prospect of applying for new roles and going through the interview process again. I hoped that spending time with a coach would help me do this.

Coaching has helped me to stop using negative language about myself. It has given me tools to ensure I can be calm and confident in an interview situation and I have some very practical and tangible ways to combat the general anxiety I feel around job interviews. It enabled me to process the negative experiences over the last couple of years and start to build on my strengths.

I have come away from the coaching experience understanding and seeing my own potential again. It has enabled me to think more clearly about my next steps and by clarifying what my goals and values are, I know what I am looking for in a job role and organisation. It will make a difference to how I feel approaching interviews.

Working with Lena was great!  She listened carefully to what I wanted to achieve from the coaching journey, where I felt I was at the start and where I wanted to be. She worked with me on solutions and checked in at the start of each session to ensure I was happy with progress, happy with what we had done previously and the plan we had for the upcoming session. I would recommend Lena without hesitation, she is flexible and creative in her approach and I believe whatever the reason for accessing coaching, she will have a lasting impact.'


E Clayton 28/04/22

'Before I met Lena I felt I was at a crossroads in my life and had no sense of direction. I desperately needed help with my career and relationships. Coaching has had a massive impact on my life; I feel I am now closer to reaching goals I never knew I had and I feel more positive and optimistic about the future. Lena is so professional and upbeat, she is truly inspirational and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anybody who is looking to make positive changes in their life.'


J Haston, Assistant Headteacher 17/03/22

'Lena was invited to Heart of England School based upon an excellent review from another school in the borough. We were not disappointed in the slightest. Lena delivered a coaching session to our year nine parents/carers, focusing on getting to know their child better and what possible core values should be instilled in the home environment. As a school, we have recognised parents/carers are struggling to build relationships with their children mainly through the chaotic period of the lockdowns and uncertainty in education. The workshop was well received with 100% positive feedback from our parents. Parents felt listened to and appreciated.

Lena’s communication with the school was excellent, well-timed and prompt. Any issues or questions we had, were answered quickly and with empathy. Lena understands schools are under increased pressure and differentiates her approach to the logistics helpfully.

Lena is incredibly approachable, friendly, and does not pass judgement. This is what our parents needed. They wanted some guidance in a non-judgemental environment, which is exactly what Lena delivered to the school.

Lena and I are already working together to formulate and deliver workshops surrounding our Sixth Form with resilience and small group-based work with our most vulnerable in lower school.

It is always a pleasure and privilege to work with Lena. I am constantly learning from her. I highly recommend Lena’s skills to secondary schools.'


K Mallon 02/02/2022

‘It is with no exaggeration to say that many aspects of both my personal and professional life has been elevated as a direct result of the time I spent working with Lena.  There are not many opportunities afforded to focus and discuss oneself especially in these busy times and in the sessions, Lena gave me the opportunity to do just that.  Discussions were led by myself but kept on a track through Lena’s probing and yet empathetic questions which meant we were able to determine practical solutions. 

Some weeks we explored areas of my life some large, some relatively small. Some changes were significant, some relatively minor – all have since meant that I can honestly describe myself as both a better employee and more importantly, a better husband and father. One significant change is now allowing myself to focus and being ‘present’ in the moment. This has allowed some of the guilt and pressure I felt when my work-life balance wasn’t in harmony to be lifted. In each session we shared I left with a feeling of release and renewed outlook, allowing me to look once again at who I am and who I wanted to be. It was almost as if Lena helped me reorganise the bookshelf of my life which now could be sorted in a far more efficient and sensible manner.

Lena’s approach is warm, kind and direct. She was genuinely interested in the things I had to say and showed a tremendous amount of insight and perception when responding to the comments I made. This allowed me to share details I wouldn’t normally share with those around me. Lena gave me the confidence to become vulnerable in our sessions allowing me to delve into parts of my insecurities so that I could face those challenges with new ideas and greater assertiveness. 

Some weeks have passed now since we last spoke however, I recall the questions and strategies Lena shared with me. These sessions have allowed me to continually improve all areas of my life – something I don’t think I would have been able to do without Lena’s guidance and support. 

One of my main aspirations for the sessions was to feel ready when applying for a new, senior position. I have formally begun this interview/selection process and, because of Lena’s support, feel ready for this next phase – something I don’t think I would have been without her.

I am so grateful for Lena’s support. Thank you Lena.’


D Elsmore 18/11/21

‘As a business owner, you build relationships every day. With your employees, suppliers and customers to name a few. It’s a very personable role, and critical to get right. Our business just went through a surge where we hired a lot of staff in a short space of time. I wanted to make sure I could lead and manage them as efficiently as possible, as I was aware I was dealing with many personality types. 

I reached out to Lena, who offers DISC personality profiling. I thought, If I understood my personality traits; my strengths and weaknesses, I could then utilise this with my own team to better lead them. 

Lena was superb. Not only did she explain to me thoroughly what DISC profiling was, but she guided me through my report, explained the differences in my behaviour when I'm under pressure and highlighted standout areas for me to work on that would benefit my organisation. She also asked questions in a way that really had me thinking of things in a refreshed way. It was amazing what you can learn in an hour! 

If you want to understand yourself more, or improve as a leader, I’d thoroughly recommend Lena. She was professional and friendly, and I’m sure I’ll use her again for myself and my staff.’ 


G Hobbs, Deputy Headteacher 17/12/21

'We invited Lena into school to deliver a workshop for Year 7 parents around building positive relationships with their children. We held this during the first term as this is a key time for young people as they transition from primary school and settle into secondary school life. The workshop was great and was really well-received.

Lena is extremely flexible and she can tailor the sessions around specific school needs. Her communication before the event is excellent and she keeps in regular contact with relevant school staff. She has established systems and processes in place to ensure that all the appropriate preparation is in place and that she has all the information that she needs to deliver an effective session.

We were extremely impressed with the standard of the workshop that Lena delivered and the feedback from our parents who attended was overwhelmingly positive. Lena has a warm and friendly demeanour and an engaging delivery style. She put parents at ease so that they felt comfortable and confident participating in activities and discussions. Our parents left the workshop with practical ideas and strategies to try and home, as well as having had the valuable opportunity to reflect and evaluate within a safe and supportive environment.

We already have plans to invite Lena back to deliver further parent workshops at our school and I would recommend her wholeheartedly to colleagues in other schools.'


M Matthews 14/06/21

‘Lena has helped me to gain perspective around changes I wanted to give attention to and, in the process, brought clarity to where my I want to focus my time and energy. Talking this through with Lena, who gently helped to investigate and challenge my thoughts, made such a difference to organising my mind and my priorities. Lena’s approach not only made me feel understood but our conversations were thought-provoking and motivating, which enabled me to take action on the projects and ideas that now bring more joy and fulfilment to my weeks. Thanks so much Lena!’


S Legge 30/03/21

‘I started working with Lena as I felt that I was not achieving what I wanted in the timescale I was happy with. I was procrastinating, worrying and was lacking confidence to do what I wanted.

The goal that I had set myself was something that I had never done before and I was putting myself out of my comfort zone. Working with Lena gave me the confidence to move forward, break the goal down into smaller steps and not worry so much about exactly how I was going to get there.

If it wasn’t for Lena I would not have progressed as much as I have done and it’s nice to know that can check back in with her whenever I feel like everything is starting to get on top of me.

I have a horrible habit of overcomplicating things and so it was great to speak to someone about what I want to do and break it down into smaller steps and not make it seem like such of a mountain that I had to climb. I learned things about myself that I didn’t realise such as I am quite slow to get going with things, I take my time analysing different outcomes and worry about everything, but once I have decided that I am going to do something I do get on with it and move quickly.

Lena helped me to bridge the gap between procrastinating, over analysing and worrying about it all to actually putting things into action. It has been a real relief to understand how I work as a person and be a bit more forgiving on myself. Overall Lena created a very calming environment to the coaching session, you couldn’t tell what she thought about anything that I said, there was no judgement at all, she was very friendly and welcoming, she was very patient and calming and I really enjoyed working with her. I would highly recommend this lady. Thanks so much Lena’


S Shaizay 27/03/21

‘I have always been interested in working with a coach, but did not quite know what to expect. I was in search of more value and purpose in my future. Before working with Lena, I had a lot of ideas but couldn't focus, and was struggling to start down a new path. From our very first intake call, Lena's supportive style of questioning, summarizing, and repetition helped me prioritize my ideas and get organized. The Wheel of Life and Be Do Have exercises she did with me where especially helpful. By having me write down specific goals and to-do's, Lena helped me uncover and discover so much about my work ethic and environmental needs, and I'm finally moving forward!’


S Kola-Bankole 16/02/21

‘Creating my wheel of life at the start really helped me separate the different areas of my life so I could notice those areas that needed more attention With Lena’s help and guidance, we systematically worked through those areas I self-identified as ‘wanting to work on’ using a much gentler approach that I ordinarily would have used. By breaking these major/main goals into smaller, more achievable goals and giving myself a realistic timeframe, I’ve been able to start making changes to my life; small steps but moving in the right direction.

But the main thing I gained from this experience is to be kind to myself. This not only means setting goals that are achievable (so I’m not setting myself up to fail which then reinforces the negative thoughts I have about myself) but also to realising that failing to reach a goal is not a sign of failure.

With this in mind, I’ve come to realise that the only person standing in the way of my achievements is me. Armed with what I’ve learned with Lena’s coaching, I feel more confident in moving forward and enacting real change in my life. I was so impressed I’ve already recommended life coaching to two friends.

Thanks, Lena. I wish you all the best.’


A Tatton 02/02/21

‘The coaching sessions with Lena were really beneficial in helping me to define, articulate, and achieve my goals. The way I was assisted in finding my own way to accomplish the desired outcomes, was really good for improving critical thinking skills and applying them to myself. Breaking the goals down into attainable tasks, and deciding on a course of action really helped to make the process less daunting, and in turn increased motivation. It’s helped me to develop a more structured way of thinking. It was a pleasure to do the sessions with Lena. Her calm and friendly manner immediately put me at ease. This really helped me to relax, focus, and speak from the heart. Each session was really vibrant, and I’m really proud of some of the things I’ve achieved during the course of the sessions with Lena’s help. I feel I’m happier, healthier, and more productive for it.’


G Hobbs 31/01/21

‘I absolutely loved my coaching sessions with Lena and they have had such a positive impact on me, personally and professionally. They couldn’t have come at a better time for me; professionally, I was feeling ‘at sea’ and was going through a period where I lacked confidence in my own ability. A couple of set-backs had really knocked me and I was feeling quite negative. I could recognise that some of my personal traits were having an adverse effect on my confidence and capability but I didn’t know what to do about it or how things could improve.

That’s where Lena’s coaching came in. Lena’s careful questioning and exploration allowed me to be truly reflective yet maintain a sense of objectivity and perspective (something I found difficult to do on my own). For example, one area we focused on was how difficult I found it to handle criticism and deal with confrontation, both of which occur in my profession. With Lena’s help, I was able to identify effective strategies which I then practiced and performed in work and personal situations. I honestly couldn’t believe the impact it made when I used these strategies. I was able to maintain a more balanced and confident approach and manage my emotions effectively.

Lena was so easy to talk to in the sessions. She was warm, approachable and professional. She was able to ask difficult questions and navigate her way through challenging situations and emotions, yet always with sensitivity and diplomacy. She put me at ease so that I felt completely comfortable and was able to be honest and open. I felt empowered to have strategies that I could go and try after each session and I really enjoyed the opportunity to reflect on these in the next session.

Through working with Lena, I have regained my self-confidence and self-belief. I also feel equipped to deal with situations and emotions that I used to struggle with. I read over the session notes frequently and use some of the ideas as a mantra now. It’s no exaggeration to say that I feel like a different person to the one who sat in front of Lena in our first session. Thank you Lena.’


J Edwards 06/01/21

‘What Lena has really helped me with from the first session to the last is a structured approach to goal setting. I am really proud to have been able to tackle some really diverse and complicated goals with the approach that Lena has helped me with.

I have managed to shift a degree of complacency and being in the ‘comfort zone’ with stretch targets, including those around more intangible and abstract areas of my life. This has been thanks to both the diagnostics tools Lena has provided me with and the aforementioned structured approach to SMART goal setting.

Having been introduced by Lena to the Wheel of Life and a Values exercise, I have some clear values to which I can aim towards in all aspects of my life and through achieving my goals set out in the sessions, I believe that I am in control of achieving the life I want.

At the start of every session with Lena, we re-capped how I had got on with my goals. This accountability and the success I achieved throughout the process will serve as a constant reminder that everything is achievable with the right approach.

Overall, the coaching sessions have made an immediate and fundamental impact on the way I approach day to day life and how I now look forward to the future. Thanks for everything Lena.’


A Sabu 09/11/20

‘During the coaching period I’m very proud to have managed to reach and maintain 3.5 out of the 6 goals and even though I haven’t implemented all the actions, the topics have kept ruminating in my mind and other options made themselves clear along the way as well.  For example, 2 big topics in coaching were about fitness and diet and even though I committed to researching and contacting a fitness coach, in the end I ended up starting a diet plan given by a nutritionist based on my blood tests, which is working very well for me.

I realised that insecurity and negative thinking were holding me back. Lena’s coaching gave me the accountability and the little push that I needed to decide to improve my life and take the necessary action.

During this time I learned that everything becomes easier when I take the time to plan the tasks and narrow the focus. I tended to focus on the big picture and many times was stressed about the size of the tasks, therefore I procrastinated. But the coaching I received from Lena helped me break things down into smaller tasks and make my goals manageable. I am a firm believer that everything happens at the right time, but I now am more aware of when I feel ready but choose to make up excuses because I don’t know where to start.

From now on, anytime I see the need for improvement in my life, I will go through the coaching steps to come up with the positive and smart goal and break it down into manageable tasks. Imagining the ideal situation, what are the benefits of achieving that goal and what might hold me back are important reflections.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Lena! It has been an absolute pleasure to let myself coached by you! I’ve learned a lot about myself and I will be forever grateful!


V Eldridge 30/09/20

‘Working with Lena really helped me during an incredibly turbulent and difficult time in my life. I made a life changing decision to leave a very secure and good job in magazine publishing in order to pursue a new direction in my life and two weeks after I went self-employed lockdown/coronavirus hit. Like many people a lot of my work evaporated overnight and I felt full of fear and uncertainty.  

By doing a series of coaching sessions spaced over a number of weeks, I was able to start to see things from another perspective and even explore avenues I had previously toyed with but had all sorts of limiting beliefs around. 

As a coach Lena is warm, positive, non-judgemental and kind. Her smiling face and compassion and calmness even at times when I was emotional, just helped me come to a place of acceptance around my current circumstances and to take action.

I would highly recommend Lena as a coach.’


L Jones 29/09/20

‘As a result of the coaching I had with Lena I succeeded in making some great steps forward with my goals around setting up my new business.  My sessions with her were both enjoyable and valuable, and she helped me achieve some big milestones including finding new clients, creating a toolkit and becoming more confident in my skills.  

Lena has a warm, friendly and professional approach which put me quickly at ease during my coaching sessions.  She is also really supportive and encouraging, and I felt that she was always completely committed to my success.  By helping me break down my seemingly overwhelming goal, of retraining and changing careers, into manageable bite size pieces I was able to stay motivated and make great progress.

I would totally recommend Lena to anyone who is looking for a coach, and am very grateful for the support she has given me.  Thank you Lena!'

Coaching works because it empowers and provides a positive framework to focus on solutions and develop tailor-made strategies to move forward.


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