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About You - At Work

At work

Perhaps you’ve been in your job for a while and it no longer stretches you. It’s easy and pays OK, but deep down you know you are destined for something else. You’ve lost your self–belief, you’re bored and going through the motions. You want to feel motivated at work – eager to start each day and happy that you’re making a difference. To flourish in your role or even completely change direction. 

I can help you take control of your career.


About Me - At Home

At home

Maybe you are where you are because gradually you’ve taken on more and more until there’s no time for yourself, and no room for your own identity. Much of what you do is for someone else and very little is for yourself. Every day is a variation of the same. You don’t feel you can complain because life is comfortable – but you can’t help wanting to pursue something that’s really for you – something that makes you feel truly positive and alive.

I can help you connect with your passion. 


About Me - In Your Health

In your health

You know you need to exercise – a flight of stairs or chasing the children gets you out of breath. You feel unfit. You’ve tried to exercise but every effort is short lived. The TV is more compelling. You beat yourself up and your thoughts are negative. You don’t know how to draw out the motivation and confidence for change and lifelong healthy habits. Or how to find the time!

I can help you live a healthier life.  


Your Team

In your team

You’ve employed strong individuals for your organisation but working as a team…let’s just say you just know it could be much better. They have good skills understand the strategy, their job roles – but sometimes they seem to be pulling in different directions.

By drawing out a shared purpose, improving trust, fostering healthy conflict and personal accountability, team members are more committed to the actions that lead to stronger results.

I can help improve team culture.


Your Organisation

In your organisation

You have a need in your organisation and want an effective way of providing support. It needs to be bespoke, motivational and you want it to provide lasting change.

My workshops take a coaching approach to facilitate learning. Some examples include: Team Values, Strategic Planning, Building Trust, Creating a Feedback Culture, Effective Communications, Team Collaboration, Managing Stress and Wellbeing.  

I can deliver tailored workshops for what you need.


To Take Charge of your Life

To balance your work and home life

You've arrived at a juncture in your life where embracing change for growth and wellbeing is crucial. 'The Professional Edge: Advancing Your Career and Balancing Your Life' workshop is the perfect opportunity to guide you through this transformation.

Ideal for women seeking progress in both their professional and personal lives, this weekend will help you develop a positive mindset, establish empowering beliefs, and step out of your comfort zone. You'll also benefit from a personalised post-workshop coaching session, providing you with tailored  support to achieve your goals.

Join me in person for a transformative workshop weekend. Click here for more details.


These are just some examples of how coaching can help. Maybe you recognise something in here, and maybe your situation is a little different. We are all unique, our organisations are unique. Take that first step and get in touch to discuss the possibilities open to you.

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