About me

About Me


As well as being your coach, I have a lot of different roles. I bring my experience from all these roles, as well as my professional qualifications, to our sessions. 


A mother. I’m passionate about raising my two children to be healthy, fulfilled and to have a strong sense of self-belief.

A wife. Married to my husband for 16 years (but friends since university), we have very different personalities but many shared values. He’s a wonderful dad and one of the funniest people I know.

A middle child from a large family. The middle child of seven siblings, I had older siblings to look after me whist having my fair share of responsibilities for my younger siblings.

A hard worker: I grew up working in the family business. I’d often miss parties or be the last to turn up because I was working but the upside was that I earned money and developed a strong work ethic from an early age.   

A daughter (not a son): As a daughter to parents who wanted two sons, inequality was present from day one - but that’s made me the determined, independent, empathetic person I am today.

A British Asian. Growing up in dual cultures were at times challenging - but I've gained privileged insight to bring together the best of both worlds. 

An auntie to 19. To my many nephews and nieces, I strive to be a positive role model by being the best version of myself, forever growing and learning.

A friend. My special and diverse group of friends would describe me as loyal, supportive, brave - and a bit of a party animal!

A dedicated yogi. I experience profound wellbeing through my yoga journey and I strive to guide others towards discovering their own path to wellness and enlightenment.

A businesswoman. Alongside my husband, I built a multimillion-pound ecommerce business from scratch over 15 years. We weathered the highs and lows together and learned a helluva lot along the way.

A certified coach. I’ve been trained by one of the most prestigious coaching schools in the world, and I’m so grateful for their incredible training, wisdom and support.

A certified NLP Practitioner. Equipped with NLP tools and techniques that effect the way we feel, think and behave, I'm continually inspired to see my clients experience deep and lasting change. 

About my coaching 

Specialising in coaching for personal growth, professional performance and business development, I’m passionate about the transformational power of coaching.

With a background in business growth, I have over 25 years’ experience of managing people with diverse roles and responsibilities. As a coach, I help people work out what they want and then unlock their personal power to achieve their aims.  

I believe that the greatest investment you can make is in yourself. Because the more you know about yourself, the more control you have over your life - and the more alive you feel! 

I offer one to one and group coaching, delivered face to face or remotely.  

Get in touch with any questions or to find out more about how I can empower you to change your life. 

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